Duck flies from the ’fly’ button and poops from the ’poop’ button. Insects are your ammo; by eating them you can poop on enemies. Note that the number of insects Duck can eat is limited. Your enemies are hunters, moose and hawks. Moose are a special type of enemy as you can use them to destroy hunters and hawks. When you manage to hit a hunter with Duck’s poop, you occasionally get rewarded with power-ups. Power-ups help you on your mission to find Felix. If Duck runs out of energy on its mission mid-level, you can continue playing by watching a video or by using your in-app currency. 



Power Up’s

Power-ups help Duck on its mission. You can get power-ups by buying them with in-app currency or destroying enemies.

You can get power-ups by destroying enemies. If you watch advertisement videos in the level menu, there’s a better chance a juicy power-up will drop from a defeated enemy in the next level.

You can also find power-ups in predefined locations in each level. These power-ups can be unlocked from the level menu with in-app currency all at once. Alternatively you can use your in-app currency to pick them up mid-flight one by one as a fly-by buy.

Soap – Duck farts itself into a bubble after eating soap.
The soap bubble protects Duck from one enemy hit.

Beans – Beans change the consistency of Duck’s poop to heavy diarrhea. More diarrhea means more poop and Duck’s attacks become more efficient.

Holy Shit – Duck’s poop becomes radioactive. Holy shit is a super-efficient ammo for destroying enemies!

Heart / health – Restores Duck’s health.

Afterburner – By eating chili Duck can fly faster.

Ducklings – Ducklings give back-up fire to Duck and help destroy enemies.

Shield – Duck gets a strong armor in the form of a helmet and can take three hits without losing health.

Teleport – Vanish like a fart in the wind! Teleport forward and advance in the level faster. Duck remains undamaged during teleportation.